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Conditional blocks

With conditional blocks, you can create rules to determine whether or not a block should be displayed to specific recipients.

You can apply the conditions in your template to entire stripes, structures in them, or to individual containers.

To apply a condition, first select the element (stripe/structure/container) on which you will apply the condition.

Creating a condition

Then click on the “Conditions” button in the left menu of the editor to display the slider for activating “Apply Display Conditions” and activate the function by moving it to the right –> a menu for creating a condition will appear.

Setting rules

Here you can create a condition for displaying a given block in the same way as in the first step of Delivery capping or Recipient filtering, ie. add rules or groups of rules regarding data stored for recipients in the mailing list(s) attached to the campaign.

Rule groups

You can combine rules and their groups using the logical operators (AND and OR) to create more advanced and detailed filtering. In the picture above, 2 groups of rules were combined:
The 1st group contains 1 rule: Gender = Male
The 2nd group contains 2 rules, which are connected by the logical operator OR, ie. at least one of the rules applies: Custom field 1 contains the value/string |t-shirts| OR Custom field 1 contains the value/string |shirts|

There is a logical conjunction AND between the groups –> therefore both must apply simultaneously –> ie. the banner will be displayed to all men who have |t-shirts| or |shirts| or both in their custom field 1.

Once you have created the rule, complete the addition by clicking the "Apply" button. You can save the created rule for re-use by clicking on the “Save rules” button. Click the "Load rules" button to quickly apply saved rules to another element in any campaign in your account.

Please note that you will not find these rules in the Profile -> Queries menu, which stores rules that can be used in Delivery capping or Recipient filtering

Rule AppliedThe application of a rule in a campaign is indicated by thePravidlo aplikovánopictogram displayed next to the element to which the rule is applied. You can also find information about the applied rule in the left menu for working with conditions.

It is always necessary to keep in mind that the element to which you have applied the condition will be displayed ONLY to recipients who have met the condition for display, other recipients will not see it. 

Of course, you can create multiple variations of content to display to different recipients, but you always need to keep in mind that all recipients see the correct content, to avoid a situation where the recipient will be shown multiple content variations, even though each recipient should receive only 1 content variation.

Therefore, before you send your campaign, we recommend that you carefully test that each recipient will see the correct content. You can use a campaign preview or send a test message to do so. 

If you want to edit the set rule, proceed in the same way as when creating it.

Conditional display - deactivatingTo deactivate (cancel) the conditional display (ie the given block will be displayed to all recipients), use the slider.

The display condition will be deleted, and if you want to reactivate the rule, you will have to recreate it (or upload from the saved rules).