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Event Reports

The Event Report gives you a comprehensive overview of the events caused by the behavior of visitors to your site and the remarketing campaigns for these events.

E-mail remarketing in Mailkit is a very powerful tool that can be used to extract a large amount of data about recipients, their behavior, and interests. If you have not heard of our remarketing yet, we recommend that you reach out to us.

The basic event report

At the first level of event reports, you get a basic overview of what your site records and what the business results are. If you only use Conversion Tracking events, you only get an overview of the total number of events, the average amount of sales by day of the week and the previous week.

Základní report událostí bez remarketingu

This baseline report provides us with information about the total number of events that occurred on websites and the number of remarketing events and the resulting revenue. In this case, it's pure conversion tracking, so there are no remarketing events or revenue. The chart then shows only sales by days as they were recorded regardless of their source. While columns show earnings for individual days in the previous week, the line shows the average revenue of each day for the last 8 weeks.

Extended event report

We will show you more interesting information only when the events are used for remarketing purposes, such as a reminder of abandoned basket, welcome message, etc.

Report událostí s remarketingem

In this report, we're seeing much more information not only about our events that are listed in the top table based on the event tag used, but also on their remarketing success and individual event revenue. The revenue graph is also completed with a graph showing revenue from remarketing campaigns and individual tags. By clicking on the name of the remarketing tag, we get to the detailed level of specific events.

Event report by tags

Here we get complete and detailed information about all events and their developments, including eventual remarketing campaigns that respond to the event.

Detail remarketingové události

The first part shows the development of the event in the frames in the form of decomposition of the total number of events and completed events (resulting sales), the waiting events (potential sales), the number of realized remarketing events and their follow-up reports, their success rate and conversions remarketing).

Here, it's important to say that not all pending events have remarketing potential. This depends primarily on the availability of information about the email address of the originator of the event. If the event is unable to identify the recipient's address exactly (it was not handed over to the event, it could not be autodetected), it is not possible to reach this event again in a remarketing campaign. Therefore, it is also very important to increase this potential by a suitable combination of methods to obtain an address on the site, for example by using a popout box to obtain an email address.

The following table lists the remarketing campaigns associated with the selected event and their shares in remarketing conversions and sales.

A complete list of recorded events follows the campaign list. This breakdown primarily displays pending events, but you can switch the data view by clicking on the numbers in the upper boxes and list all converted events, for example.

Rozpis jednotlivých událostí

The breakdown of individual events will give us complete information about events in the background of the main event. Where recipients can be identified, information is available about the email address and whether the remarketing email has already been sent to the event, whether the recipient has responded to it, and how. Increasing the amount of revenue identified gives great room for revenue growth - here it is necessary to think about ways to improve visitor visibility on the site, either by simplifying login or by using popup windows to obtain an email address.

Each event also displays its value based on the number of items in the event and their values ​​recalculated to the primary currency of the account. After clicking on the detail of the event, you will see complete information about its content. Here are all available information from the event and its items.

This event log will serve you not only when verifying your implementation of an event API but in combination with other information on the page, as well as improving the effectiveness of your remarketing campaigns. If you need assistance or advice, do not hesitate to contact us.