Protecting reputation through email authentication

Whether you are sending one-to-one emails, transactional messages or bulk mails, your deliverability comes down to your domain reputation.

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Email Authentication


SPF - the Sender Policy Framework is the basic component of your email sending setup to identify legitimate source IPs and networks



DKIM - DomainKey Identified Mail is a method to secure content of the message by the sender by creating a digital signature of message content



Is an email authentication policy and reporting protocol that helps to protect and monitor your domain from 3rd party email abuse.

The expertise to help you
deploy email authentication

We have deployed email authentication for hundreds of our clients and our experts are ready to help you. Start protecting your domain now by setting up a DMARC record and get a head start to get all your email sources authenticated.

Protect your brand

DMARC helps to protect you from phishing attacks. Only authenticated emails will get delivered

Monitor fraudulent emails

See your domain's sending activities to deploy additional security and prevent fraudulent activity.

Improve deliverability

DMARC protected emails get better deliverability and on average a 10% increase in inbox placement.

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