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You have flexibility to create new and exciting ways to communicate with dynamic personalisation, high deliverability and engagement scoring.

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Closing the circle between Deliverability and Engagement


Deliver your mail into your subscribers inbox, time and again. When your campaigns are sent you can rest assured they will get to where they are going.


Grab your subscribers' attention, make it personal way beyond just first name or gender. Deliver a bespoke experience based on an individual user’s behaviour.


Our open standards-based and autonomous Infrastructure ensure you can connect your data anytime, from anywhere and handle it how you want.

Engagement scoring

Automatically segment your subscribers using artificial intelligence by their reactions to your previous campaigns. Target them with your campaigns accordingly.


You can avoid most of the manual tasks by using Mailkit's data sources and have your campaigns and lists run in a fully automated mode.

Combination of tools that help you
achieve better results

Campaign management

Easy, flexible but still full of capabilities

You can easily create and manage your next campaign thanks to creative freedom in commercial email design.

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Dynamic content

Ready for data driven campaings

Use a fully automated system to build the dynamic content of the email from various data sources. You can also integrate other applications and more.

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Information that makes sense to you

You get access to data for further monitoring, comparing and connect in user-friendly reports. Also other features like email revenue report is here to help you.

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We're getting the deliverability that we could only dream about with other platforms.

Sylvie Pruszakova (Mailing leader), Alensa

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