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E-mail Reports

The deepest and most detailed section of reports showing reports of one particular campaign dispatch.

In this section, you'll find detailed reports of a specific delivery of your campaign.



  • Sent - total number of emails sent
  • Delivered - The number of emails actually delivered to the recipients
  • Bounces - The number of emails that have not been delivered
  • Reads - total number of emails read. This figure is non-unique, which means that this value can also indicate multiple readings of the same email by one recipient
  • Opens - a unique statement that tells you how many recipients have been reading an email. For one recipient, the maximum value is then set to 1
  • Clicks - The total number of clicks clicked on links in an email campaign. This is non-unique, which means it includes all clicks of all recipients on all the links in the campaign.
  • Visits - a value showing how many recipients clicked on any link or links placed in your campaign. This is a unique figure, which means that each recipient has a maximum of 1.
  • Spam complaints - The number of recipients who marked your message as spam
  • Unsubscribes - The number of recipients who unsubscribed


A graph depicting the recipients' responses to a given campaign over time.


List of recipients who have been sent this campaign in this distribution. By clicking on the recipient's e-mail address, you can view the specific response of the recipient to the given mailing list.


A list of email addresses that could not be delivered to in your campaign, including a non-delivery reason.


List of recipients who unsubscribed (clicked on the unsubscribe link in this distribution). Including possible reason for unsubscribe.

Spam Report

List of recipients who have marked your campaign as spam.



A report showing the success of the links placed in a distributed campaign. Clicking on a point in the graph shows you a list of recipients who clicked that specific link.


A summary of the success of grouped links.


The number and type of recorded conversions.



A comprehensive geographic targeting report for your campaigns.


A list of domains to where the campaign was delivered.

Browsers / OS

Report detailing subscribers Browser type and OS.