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Email Templates

Mailkit templates use HTML enriched with the power of dynamic templates to automate your email campaigns.

The templates are an extremely powerful tool to drive the design and content of your campaigns and use Template Toolkit language. Within templates you can use everything from our content merge tags to includes, conditions, access data, manipulate date & time and do much more.

Your templates can be found in the Campaigns / Templates menu. To add a new template, click the Add template button. You will be presented with a form to enter the template name and description, and in case you want the template to use a data source (s), you can select them from the list. Only data sources which have a target template can be selected.

Once the template has been created, it can be edited and customized. Each template consists of the main files (HTML and plain text), but it can also contain additional files.


Blank template allows you to add an empty template file that can be used as an include within the main file.

Template block is used for content style blocks

In addition you can also style your user interface templates such as Unsubscribe page, Subscribe email, etc.