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Subscribe form generator

How to set up and generate code for a subscribe form.

Mailkit allows you to generate html code to be placed on your site, allowing your visitors to easily sign up to your subscriber list.

The subscribe form generator is located in the menu Profile/Subscribe forms. You can easily set the display mode and other parameters in the subscribe form generator. The process of registering recipients via this form takes place in double opt-in mode and all relevant data are stored in the system.

subscribe form

  • Mailing list - the target mailing list to store subscribers
  • Sender - the sender address used to send confirmation emails
  • Mail template -  a template selected from the drop-down menu will be used to set the appearance of the confirmation email as well as confirmation page. The list will only show templates that have a confirmation page template setup.
  • Return URL - a web address that the user will be automatically redirected to after signing up using the subscriber form.
  • Display mode - select the mode of displaying the subscribe form. Options are:
    • Inline - display the form inline in the body of your page at the location as defined in the html code of the page.
    • Pop-out - pop-out the form in an overlay window centered on the page. This option has additional parameters:
      • Initiate on click - pop-out the window on click, eg. when a button is clicked
      • Pop-out delay - pop-out window will be displayed after the visitor has spent at least defined number of seconds on site
      • Pop-out Repeat Interval - the earliest time in days the pop-out window will be displayed to a visitor after intentionally closing the window
      • Pop-out - Minimum Site Visits - the minimum number of visits to the site by the visitor to show the window
      • Pop-out - Minimum Page Visits - the minimum number of visits of a single page on the site by the visitor to show window
    • Slide-out - slide out form from the side of the browser screen. This option has additional parameters:
      • Slide-out Scroll Position - slide out the form after the visitor scrolled at least to a specified position (percent) of the page
      • Slide-out Repeat Interval - the earliest time in days the slide-out form will be displayed to a visitor after intentionally closing it
      • Slide-out Direction - the direction from which the form will slide out, eg. left or right side of the browser window
    • Bar - display a fixed susbcribe bar at the top or bottom of the browser window.
  • Fields to include - the basic set of information that you wish to collect from the subscriber during signup in the form.
  • Additional custom fields - the extended information to collect on the form or pass from the form to the recipient record.

Once you've selected the settings, you can click the Generate code button. The sample subscribe code will then be displayed in a new window. This sample susbcribe code can be customized to fit your site's look and needs and fields that don't require user input (usually custom fields) can be hidden.