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Campaign delivery settings

Once the campaign has been created and tested, it can be scheduled to be sent.

campaign delivery settingsTo send a campaign, click the Schedule button in the campaign editor. The Schedule button is not visible for remarketing campaigns, where the rules for sending are set differently.

Options for scheduling a campaign

There are three possible ways to send your campaign:



If you select an Immediate campaign sending option and click Schedule, you'll see the last final campaign recapitulation with an overview of what you're about to send, with what settings, and to whom. At this point, you have the last option to Cancel the immediate sending of your campaign. Click "Yes, send this campaign" button to send the campaign to the associated mailing list or delivery feed.

Campaign settings recapitulation


For unattended sending, the campaign will start sending depending on your settings. Simply set any date and time the campaign will be sent, and the campaign will be sent at that time.


Scheduled campaign deliveriesYou can also schedule several campaign deliveries for unattended sending, always with individual content, subject, delivery capping, or delivery feed. After you schedule a campaign in unattended mode, the campaign delivery is placed on a list where you can preview it, view the subject of the message, and verify the scheduled date and time of sending.

You can cancel the delivery by clicking the Cancel button.

It is not possible to edit an already scheduled campaign delivery, you can only delete it and set up/edit and schedule it again.

When scheduling unattended sending, the subject of the campaign, its content, and the delivery capping conditions are "locked".


  • If a recipient list is assigned to the campaign and delivery capping is set up, the campaign will be sent with the conditions set when the campaign was scheduled to the mailing list that was assigned to the campaign at the time the campaign delivery was scheduled. The delivery will then be sent within the set date and time to recipients who are in the recipient list at the time the campaign is sent and who correspond to the delivery capping settings at the time the campaign is sent.

  • If the campaign is based on a template with dynamic content from data sources, the dynamic fields will be filled with the values that will be in the data source when the campaign is sent.

  • When you send a campaign to a delivery feed, the content of the feed is saved at the time the mailing is scheduled. The campaign will therefore be sent to those recipients who were in the delivery feed at the time it was scheduled.


RecurringCampaign recurring sending is used to set up automated campaigns that are, for example, sent daily, but only to those recipients that match the set condition on that day. Therefore, recurring sending is often combined with Delivery capping.

When setting up recurring sending, select the start (from which date the campaign should be sent regularly) and the end (until what date the campaign should be sent regularly). Next, set the sending time and period. For example, if you want your campaign to be sent every day for one year, select all days of the week in the "Repeat on" settings and choose to send your campaign every 1 week.

Sending rate limits setting

Sending rate limitsIn some cases, it is necessary to spread the distribution over a longer period of time so that emails are not sent to all recipients at once, but are sent sequentially, so as not to overwhelm your infoline or call center or overload your website.

Whether you plan to send a message in any of the above ways (Immediate/Unattended/Recurring), to set the delivery sending rate limit, click the checkbox for “Enable sending rate limits” and set the volume of emails and the time period.

Click on the "Schedule" button to go to the final recapitulation of the campaign delivery.