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Summary Reports

One of the most important tools provided by Mailkit and designed to effectively run your email campaigns is reports.

Mailkit displays reports at three levels.

  • Summary Reports (for all campaigns and their dispatches)
  • Campaign Reports (Campaign reports and all their outlets)
  • Email Reports (report specific campaigns for a particular campaign)

Click Reports in the main menu to get into your account summary reports.

By default, reports display the last month. You can easily change this period using the Change date range button.



Total reports related to all campaigns and all recipients over a defined period.

  • Outreach campaign - a pie chart showing the value of open / Unopened / Returned
  • Campaign success (unique) - Bar graph showing unique values Open / Visits / Conversions
  • Success - A line graph showing an overall view of the success of your campaigns over time
  • Campaign Success Report - Displays tracking values for each campaign. Clicking on a campaign name will show detailed reports for that campaign only.


  • Basic - A basic overview of the success of all dispatches in the chosen period
  • Links - A summary of the success of links in all messaging in the selected period
  • Groups - A summary of the success of grouped links
  • Conversions - A summary of the conversions recorded in the selected period


  • Geography - A comprehensive geographic targeting report for your campaigns
  • Domains - A summary report of the domains to which the campaigns were sent
  • Browsers / OS - Summary report of recipients browsers and operating systems


The list shows all recipient lists. Clicking on the recipient list name will display a pie chart showing the status of individual recipients in the selected group. The Logout tab will display logged-in recipients.


The table shows the name and wording of all existing polls. Clicking on the name of the poll displays a chart with the results.