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Mailkit Cookies

With regard to ePrivacy, it is necessary to inform visitors of your website about the cookies used and obtain consent to the storage of cookies on their device. To simplify the preparation of your cookie consents, we have prepared a list of cookies that Mailkit creates and uses, either for functional reasons or to measure efficiency.

Cookies for Subscribe forms

If you use Mailkit Subscribe forms, budou se generovat následující cookies. the following cookies will be generated. These can be classified as functional and do not contain any visitor identification data.

_mk_[ID_MAILINGLIST]_last_visited_on = date of last visit​​​​​​​
_mk_[ID_MAILINGLIST]_total_page_visit = number of pages visited​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
_mk_[ID_MAILINGLIST]_total_site_visit = number of visits to the site (regardless of the number of pages visited)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

[ID_MAILINGLIST] = ID of the recipient list into which the recipient's email address will be entered if the double opt-in process is completed.

The information obtained is used for the purpose of operation of some form display modes, for which it is possible to set when they should be displayed (i.e. pop-out and slide-out form). Because these are functional cookies, they should always be enabled.

Event API cookies

If you use our​​​​​​​ Event API on the website to monitor visitor behavior, the system will create the following cookies. Again, this is a functional cookie.


[TAG] = Event tag name


Other cookies

These cookies are created by Mailkit whenever the visitor clicks on the link in the email or visits the page to view the message in the browser.​​​​​​​

_mkit_uilang and LANG = recipient's language preferences (category: preferential)
TRK_[APIID] = session cookie for tracking where the visitor came from (from which message), is used to measure conversions (category: statistical)
MKT_[APIID] = visitor identification cookie – valid for 3 months (category: statistical)

[APIID] is the client identifier corresponding to its API ID (to be found in Mailkit in the Profile – Integration menu).