Mailkit 2.2.5 changelog

12 July, 2019

We are on a bi-weekly schedule so this will sound familiar - We have released an update to our platform that brings new features and bugfixes. This changelog lists the full scope of changes in this release.

  • Added option to add comments to IPs allowed to access API
  • Campaign and template cache that is used by mailkit.sendmail is now reset on content/template change
  • Process out-of-office messages as a temporary unsubscribe for 7 days
  • Fix returning incorrect status of unsubcribed recipient under certain conditions
  • Fix delivery feed destination validation
  • Extended output of with engagement and consent information
  • Fix adduser and sendmail API calls to return proper error code when blocked domain is submitted
  • Fix CSV processing - some data sources were not working properly
  • Improve spamchecks of URLs - added URL shortener and Abusix Mail Intelligence blacklist checks
  • Fix mailkit.sendmail incorrect decoding of base64 in certain nested levels
  • Fix URL output from API report.message.links and link export to contain proper url, link title, etc
  • Fix mailkit.sendmail_mass out of memory errors
  • Fix subscribe function to correctly update recipient status across all lists
  • Added support for CSV files using "|" (pipe) character as separator
  • GeoIP database update