Mailkit 2.9.8 changelog

18 March, 2022 Changelog

We bring you another update to our platform. This time we focused on Delivery capping.

The biggest novelty is the change in the behavior of filters, where the number of recipients who meet the filter conditions in a given step is no longer recalculated, which was often very time-consuming and reduced the comfort of working with filters. As a result, working with filters is now much faster.

So how does it all work now?

The "Verify rules" button allows you to check at any time whether the set delivery capping rules have the correct syntax. The corresponding records (recipients) are no longer recalculated, which can speed up the rule-making process in cases where a large amount of data needs to be passed. The rules are always verified when moving to the next step.

You can find out the number of recipients who meet the currently set conditions by clicking on the "Get count" button. Here, in cases where it is necessary to go through a larger amount of data, it is necessary to take into account that the calculation may take longer.

Using the "Clear rules" button, you can simply delete all the set rules (in all steps at once) with one click.

As always, we have fixed a few bugs that you have pointed out to us:

  • FIX – the value "_null" sent in the API call mailkit.mailinglist.adduser allows you to delete the values in the recipient fields, but the "Phone", "Mobile" and "Gender" fields did not delete.
  • FIX – in some cases, the API call mailkit.mailinglist.adduser did not store the value "0" in the recipient's custom fields.
  • FIX – when using a BigQuery data source for a delivery feed, the custom field values for the recipient were not stored in the recipient list.
  • FIX – the data in the export of campaign recipients also included interactions made by robots, which meant that some values in the campaign delivery report (e.g. the number of recipients who opened the email) did not match the values displayed in the UI Mailkit report where robotic interactions were not counted.