Mailkit 2.9.7 changelog

24 January, 2022 Changelog

We bring you the first update of our platform this year. Again, it brought some interesting improvements.

This time we focused on reports. We have streamlined the process of loading them. The loading now runs asynchronously instead of loading the entire page at once, so working with reports should now be faster and more convenient.

Another improvement that you should not miss is reporting the delivery status of messages in the campaign delivery report. We are newly working with a "pending" status. Therefore, one of the following states is displayed for messages:

  • pending – the email has been placed in the sending queue, but we have not yet received information from the receiving party about the delivery or non-delivery of the message
  • delivered – the message was delivered (the receiving server returned information about the successful delivery of the message)
  • failed – the message was not delivered

What else did the last update bring?

  • NEW – we have added campaign sorting indicators to their list.
  • FIX – we have fixed errors that occurred in some specific condition combinations in step 3 of Delivery capping.
  • FIX – fixed entering an address for replies, when it was possible to enter a random email address. It is now only possible to enter an existing address.
  • FIX – we have fixed the filtering of campaigns by tags (in some cases, it was not possible to work with tags because the input field was not displayed).
  • FIX – we adjusted the processing and reporting of botclicks and botreads, which in some cases affected the engagement score.