Mailkit 2.9.9 changelog

6 September, 2022 Changelog

We bring you the first post-holiday update of our platform. Again, it brought some interesting news.

Newly, in addition to the history of the recipient, which is related to a specific list of recipients, you can also view the complete history of the recipient (for the last year). In this way, you will simply get a complete overview of all messages sent to the recipient over the last year.

If you also use Mailkit for your SMS campaigns and have multiple Sender IDs registered, you can now choose directly in the campaign UI which of your registered Sender IDs should be used for sending the campaign.

And finally news from the Event API area. We have extended the code for receiving event data via Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce - product_url and image_url can now also be passed within the dataLayer.

As always, we have fixed a few bugs that you have pointed out to us:

  • FIX – recipient lists were not displayed in the correct categories (Active/Inactive/Disabled) in step 1 of Filter recipients functionality,
  • FIX – fixed an error message for a situation where a campaign is scheduled to be sent to use the email address set up in the campaign for potential recipient responses (reply-to address), but that address is not set up,
  • FIX – when importing/updating a recipient list using JSON data source, the value 0 was treated as a null value, so the field where the value 0 should have been inserted was either left blank or not updated,
  • FIX – when editing the display conditions applied to elements in the Visual Builder, the previously saved conditions were not displayed.