Mailkit 2.9.6 changelog

21 December, 2021 Changelog

We are coming up with the last update this year. The biggest novelty is the new options in setting up an email address for replies, so-called "reply-to" address.

For all existing campaigns, we have set a "prefer recipient" value, which corresponds to the previous behaviour. This means that if the recipient decides to reply to the email, for recipients who have a “Reply-to” address set in the recipient list, the reply will be sent to this address. For other recipients (who do not have their own “Reply-to” address set), the reply will be sent to the “Reply-to” address set in the campaign (if the “Reply-to” address is set in the campaign). If the reply address is not set for either the recipient or in the campaign settings, the email address from which the campaign was sent will be used for the reply.

For all newly created campaigns, the default value will be set to "disabled", ie. if the recipient decides to reply to the email, the reply will always be sent to the address that was used to send the campaign.

Detailed information on specific types of settings can of course be found in our Knowledge Base. The API calls mailkit.campaigns.create and mailkit.campaigns.update have also been modified for this purpose, in which the “type_reply_to” parameter has been added.

We have added another interesting novelty to shared templates. You have often asked us if it is easy to find out in which templates specific files from shared templates are used. In the window for editing a shared template file, you will find a list of all templates in which the shared template file is used using the "include" function.

What else did the last update bring?

  • NEW - We've added new options for sorting campaigns in their list. You can now sort the campaigns, for example, by sender, subject or creation date
  • FIX - we fixed an incorrect display of some delivery capping filters, which in some specific cases appeared after reloading the rules (if there was no recalculation or saving, this display did not affect the proper functioning of the filters)
  • FIX - we fixed imports of phone numbers (it was not possible to import lists that contained only phone numbers)