Mailkit 2.9.4 changelog

23 August, 2021 Changelog

We bring you another holiday update to our platform. It brought several other interesting improvements.

The first improvement concerns the planning of campaign deliveries. When sending a campaign, you can now set the sending rate limit (e.g. 500 messages / minute, 5000 messages / hour, etc.). Thanks to this function, you can set up campaign delivery in one step so that, for example, your website or your infoline or call center is not overloaded.

The second interesting improvement is the using of SQL data sources in Visual Builder templates, where it has not yet been possible to dynamize templates by using of SQL queries.

What else did the last update bring?

  • NEW – The "Filter recipients" function now allows you to add filtered recipients to the list of unsubscribed recipients
  • NEW – for Smart elements in Visual Builder it is now possible to use connections to product feeds
  • NEWXML/CSV/JSON data sources can also be used for bulk import of unsubscribed recipients
  • FIX – the number of sent messages is displayed in the agency accounts in the Client list table(originally only "0" was displayed)