Mailkit 2.9.1 changelog

20 April, 2021 Changelog

We come up with a new update of our platform. For example, we focused on the processing of data sources, which we will also address in future updates.

So what did the last update bring?

  • NEW – Added 2-Factor Authentication using mobile authenticator apps (eg Google Authenticator)
  • NEW – Display delivery capping rules used during campaign sending in reports
  • NEW – Incremental SQL datasource updates
  • NEW – Deliverability reports are now out of Beta and available only to customers who opt-in for the service
  • NEW – System (default) unsubscribe page – timeout feature added to template as optional (hidden code)
  • NEW – Shoptet formatted orders SQL datasource support

Of course, we also dealt with bug fixes and debugging the little things that you pointed out to us.

  • FIX – Fix issues with uploads of files with size in excess of 2MB
  • FIX – On occasion the campaign editor would leave behind unused styles that caused editor to break
  • FIX – Editing BigQuery Datasources required resubmission of JSON config
  • FIX – Query Builder – step 4 incorrectly validates email field assignment
  • FIX – Update translation strings
  • FIX – Unable to change timezone for user with the REPORTER user rights
  • FIX – Display custom field names for custom fields in Delivery capping
  • FIX – Incorrect aggregation in deliverability charts
  • FIX – Language version of the email "E-mail Address verification"
  • FIX – Correct logical operators for fields that work with the date (eg. the Date sent)
  • FIX – Verification confirmation message for Allowed Domain setting
  • FIX – Unable to set Encoding for import
  • FIX – Cannot change Custom field name – Mailing list from XML datasource
  • FIX – While adding delivery feeds for a campaign, the page does not reloads automatically
  • FIX – BQ data source column type mappings
  • FIX – Improve loading speed for campaigns with Delivery feeds
  • FIX – Domain Reputation report not reflecting the selected domain
  • FIX – Editing an SQL datasource only displayed one table instead of all tables created from datasource