Mailkit 2.4 changelog

8 October, 2019 Changelog

Summer vacations hit us hard and this release took considerably longer than anticipated. Now that it's here we hope you'll enjoy the updates it brings as some are really cool.

  • NEW - Add campaign subject display to campaign preview window
  • NEW - Add support for delivery feeds for SMS campaigns
  • NEW - Add a quick shortcut to "This campaign" to campaign selection in Query builder making it easier to select the current campaign in delivery capping
  • NEW - Allow campaign level selection in Query builder. Campaign selection now allows to create queries that will be persist over campaign deliveries rather than having to update the list of selected campaign deliveries
  • NEW - Allow selection of "This campaign" in Query Builder for campaign that has never been sent before to simplify working with followup campaign scenarios.
  • NEW - Add custom status for unsubscribe from test messages so a proper error message indicating that unsubscribe from test emails is not possible can be displayed
  • NEW - Add support for SHA1 hashing in templates using Digest::SHA1 module
  • NEW - Display DKIM information directly in Profile and automate all DKIM checks within the UI.
  • NEW - Template Export & Import now allows easy transfer of templates including all their files (template files, shared templates and media files) using a ZIP package
  • NEW - Added integration with Google BigQuery allowing direct push of reporting data
  • NEW - Added integration with Exponea Experience Cloud allowing real-time push of reporting data
  • FIX - prevent deleted campaigns that were scheduled for delivery (recurring or unattended) from actually being delivered - deleting a campaign cancels any of it's scheduled deliveries
  • FIX - fix bug in domain verification that allowed use of unverified domains to be used in event api
  • FIX - prevent disabled templates from being listed in campaign styles
  • FIX - display correct campaign delivery count in reports
  • FIX - improve email address syntax check in adduser API call
  • FIX - incorrect display of campaign schedule for on campaign list
  • FIX - reset campaign cache when campaign type is changed to transactional or A/B test is enabled/disabled
  • FIX - incorrect character encoding in recipient history - subject lines incorrectly displaying UTF characters
  • FIX - delivery scheduling performance improvements