Mailkit 2.9.5 changelog

15 September, 2021 Changelog

We bring you another update to our platform. Again. it brought several interesting improvements.

The first improvement concerns Integration. You can now set up a connections to 3rd party systems in the Mailkit environment (in the Profile -> Integration menu), which allows you to pass information to Google BigQuery, Recombee or Exponea, where you can process interaction data and use it for other scenarios. In Google BigQuery, you can further process the transferred data and create additional dashboards and analyzes.

The second improvement is the creation of the “Fetch” plugin, which allows you to load data into the template directly from the URL, which can be used for dynamic transfer of discount codes, etc. You can read more about the plugin (and not only about this one) in our knowledge base in the article on plug-ins.

Another improvement that you should definitely not miss is the EventAPI backend documentation, which you can use if you want to create your own scripts or communicate with our backend in server-to-server mode.

What else did the last update bring?

  • NEW – added "trash" icon for deleting user templates stored in Visual builder
  • NEW – added final message/confirmation for import of unsubscribed recipients using a data source
  • NEW – message classification (Message-Category header) added to headers of all outgoing messages