Mailkit 2.9.3 changelog

2 August, 2021 Changelog

We bring you the first holiday update of our platform. It brought some interesting improvements. One of them is the use of Google BigQuery data sources for updating recipient lists and for delivery feeds.

What else did the last update bring?

  • NEWsearch for recipients in the recipient lists by phone number
  • NEW – the SMS campaign delivery report shows the telephone numbers of the recipient
  • NEW – created a new system tag - [CAMPAIGN_ID] - thanks to which you can, for example, use the campaign ID in the tagging set
  • NEW – webhooks accept as a successful answer not only the status 200, but also 202 and 204

We also focused on bug fixes and debugging the little things that you pointed out to us.

  • FIX – fixed displaying of Delivery capping filter settings in the campaign delivery report
  • FIX – optimization of the data source editing process
  • FIX – disabled recipient lists – in case any of the recipient lists assigned to the campaign was disabled, the campaign was not sent, because the system considered all assigned recipient lists as disabled
  • FIX – optimized reports of SMS campaigns (especially for large deliveries, some SMS messages were incorrectly marked as undelivered, even though they were delivered)
  • FIX – fixed field mapping for JSON data sources for updating recipient lists (after mapping the fields and saving, after the subsequent display of the field structure, it looked unmapped, although it was mapped)
  • FIX – line breaking in SMS - if "ENTER" was used to wrap text on the next line/paragraph when creating an SMS campaign in the editor, this line breaking was ignored when sending and the message was sent as continuous text.