Mailkit 2.9.2 changelog

18 May, 2021 Changelog

We are coming up with another update of our platform. We are constantly working to improve our data sources. A fundamental novelty of this update is the support of CSV and JSON formats for SQL data sources.

We also worked on bug fixes and debugging the little things you pointed out to us.

  • UPDATE – modified API function, which now returns topic IDs as well as their names 
  • FIX – added error message for cases when a file in unsupported format is used for import of recipients
  • FIX – optimization of campaign delivery planning via API mailkit.campaigns.single.schedule function, when in some specific cases the scheduler returned a "single delivery_date in past" error.
  • FIX – fixed starting the process of sending campaigns with an empty delivery feed –> new campaign processing is skipped if the delivery feed does not contain any recipients
  • FIX – added error messages for cases where template import fails
  • FIX – domains and subdomains were incorrectly grouped in the DMARC email report
  • FIX – after manually adding a recipient to the recipient list, the recipient list page was not automatically reloaded
  • FIX – fixed a non-functional button for closing the window with a display of the data source structure
  • FIX – fixed deleting tags associated with events in remarketing campaign settings
  • FIX – an empty window was displayed when displaying the structure of the BigQuery data source
  • FIX – optimization of BigQuery data sources processing
  • FIX – values of recipient's custom fields were deleted when using API function mailkit.sendmail