Mailkit 2.8 changelog

29 June, 2020

Few weeks have passed and we are bringing you another update. This release's main focus was the timezone support. Now you can easily schedule unattended as well as recurring campaigns for a specific timezone. The timezone support has also been added to the data source automated updates settings. But as always there is more...

Let's kick the list off with the new features:

  • NEW – Time zone selection implemented for scheduling unattended and recurring campaign deliveries.
  • NEW – Time zone settings added for scheduled data source updates
  • NEW – For the "Reply to" address in campaigns, you can use its subdomains in addition to the domain used in the mailing address, and vice versa.
  • NEW – We have optimized webhooks processing, the process is faster now.
  • NEW – For campaigns based on template (smart template, DnD content style template), a button for reload / refresh of the template has been added to the campaign settings menu for cases when the template has been modified.

And while we were at it we have done some bug fixing too:

  • FIX – Fixed displaying campaigns in Lotus Notes and similar email clients.
  • FIX – Fixed link editing for campaigns based on smart template with defined content areas for editing.
  • FIX – Fixed system messages - if they are not translated into the selected language, they will be displayed in EN by default.
  • FIX – Fixed uploading images into the new editor (Visual Builder).
  • FIX – When the import to the recipient list is completed, the list is refreshed automatically
  • FIX – Fixed label in DnD zone for content style based campaigns. 
  • FIX – Fixed displaying of recipient list history in reports.
  • FIX – Fixed menu for editing recipients.
  • FIX – Fixed displaying and errors when using Internet Explorer.
  • FIX – Fixed broken characters when different UTF character sets are used in the campaign in the new editor.
  • FIX – Fixed display of dialog for selecting sending address for campaigns based on smart template in Mozilla Firefox browser.