Mailkit 2.6 changelog

20 December, 2019 Changelog

We have a chrismas update for you and this time we have focused on link tracking for 3rd party analytics - whether it's Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics or any other platform. In addition this update brings new URL tracking in reporting with additional details, improved SMS editor, support for remarketing SMS campaigns and many more.

Let's kick the list off with the new features:

  • NEW - brand new way of setting your link tracking parameters. Now you can set up your own way of adding custom parameters to URL instead of relying on our preset parameters. Whether you are using Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics or any other analytics platform, you can easily create your own preset with URL parameters. In addition to the most common values like campaign name, list name, link content, etc. You can also pass the recipient's email address (lowercase) as MD5, recipients ID and other information needed for matching with 3rd party systems
  • NEW - completely revamped way of reporting links in your campaign. It's no longer just a link and position but now the link title can be also tracked separately. If your CTA changes on the same position with the same target URL but the title of the CTA varies, you will be able to see the individual performance.
  • NEW - calendar display on campaigns report to show you when did you sent out which campaigns
  • NEW - summary display on the campaigns report showing summary data for all campaigns in the period
  • NEW - link grouping allows you to tag multiple related links into a single group. By adding a data-link-group attribute to your href links you can easily group links and see performance of the link group as well as individual links within the group
  • NEW - complete redesign of SMS campaign editor UI with a fresh realtime preview of the message.
  • NEW - proper SMS preview
  • NEW - remarketing campaigns for SMS messaging. As of now you can easily use remarketing campaigns to reach out to your recipients using SMS in just few clicks. If you have the mobile numbers of your recipients stored in your list, you can add an SMS remarketing campaign to your communication flow
  • NEW - remarketing campaign preview now allows you to preview your campaign for individul recipients of matching event.
  • NEW - access event data from any campaign not only remarketing. Take advantage of the existing event history and customize your content based on recipients past events.
  • NEW - extended API mailkit.campaigns.update and mailkit.campaigns.create to allow setting the test mode and set 3rd party tracking parameters
  • NEW - extended API mailkit.campaigns.list to return message type
  • NEW - added JSON version of API mailkit.campaigns.list
  • NEW - allow entry of date functions in delivery capping step 2 conditions
  • NEW - sending queue performance improvements

And while we were at it we have done some bugfixin too:

  • FIX - improved campaign schedule display now showing campaigns that were previously omitted
  • FIX - improved session based tracking of website events and conversion attribution for more accurate conversion results in your reports
  • FIX - fixed inconsistent display of unsubscribe date between unsubscribe list and mailing list
  • FIX - fixed inconsistent display of unsubscrbed recipients who would in some cases show status as active or unknown in the list instead of unsubscribed
  • FIX - fixed an Internal server error being thrown in some rare cases in "display in browser" page
  • FIX - export from delivery capping and list filtering contained an internal engagement score and trend values instead of the user-friendly values
  • FIX - download button incorrectly displayed for notifications that don't have download option
  • FIX - improved performance of validation of transactional campaigns at API level to reduce the amount of errors "try again later" returned from server
  • FIX - added detailed logging for all export actions
  • FIX - fixed incorrect dates in LAST_SENT value returned in API mailkit.campaigns.list for campaigns that were not sent yet
  • FIX - removed deleted campaigns from the output of API mailkit.campaigns.list
  • FIX - fixed display of correct <title> content for campaigns with dynamic subject from data source in browser display
  • FIX - fixed an issue where deleting a pending A/B test delivery would result in the delivery not being deleted
  • FIX - fixed setting value to 0 using filter that resulted in no change at all
  • FIX - improved compatibility of Event API with Safari/OSX/iOS

Mailkit Team wishes you Merry Christmas and happy new year!