Mailkit 2.5 changelog

25 October, 2019 Changelog

We are back on our regular deployment cycle and this release comes with some cool stuff - from major UI features to minor API changes.

We are not going to be shy this time as we have some cool new stuff

  • Campaign schedule display in calendar view - this is a big one that lets you see see your campaigns using a visual calednar display with Agenda, Month and Week views


  • Send test messages to multiple recipients - this one was a highly-demanded feature request and we heard you. Now you can enter comma/semicolon/space separated list of addresses to send test messages to (up to 10 recipients)
  • Use campaign test mode to send to multiple recipients - another highly-demanded feature request that we just had to get into this update. You can now use comma/semicolon/space separated list of up to 10 addresses to send your campaign test deliveries to
  • RECIPIENT_STATUS has been added to the API output reflecting the recipient's CURRENT status at the time of querying the API
  • We have enhanced status codes for mailkit.sendmail API errors to cover errors related to spf/dkim, subject checks, etc.

And while we were at it we have thrown is some fixes for a good measure:

  • "Invalid schedule" was displayed on campaign list under specific conditions
  • Unpopulated data in Agency client interface - this was an UI bug introduced in the previous release. List of emails, Tags and other datasets in the Profile section of an Agency client was not displayed
  • Incorrect highlighting of emails containing the keyword "null" in the mailing list affected both list display and export
  • Template cache was not properly reset for campaigns using mixed scheduling from both UI and API
  • Template rename was throwing duplicate filename error for shared template files in Agency accounts even when there was no such file
  • Template import broke img tags of images that were part of the template package

And as always some minor performance improvements left and right... next up - advanced link tagging!