Mailkit 2.3 changelog

27 July, 2019 Changelog

Another 2 weeks have passed and that could mean only one thing - a new release has been rolled out today. In this release we have been focused on templates and we've done some major things. Check out the new possibilities of INCLUDE and PROCESS within Drag & Drop blocks or new filters to manipulate delivery.

New features in this release:

  • Display A/B test indication on campaign list
  • Display transactional SMS indicator on campaign list and improve preview of SMS messages
  • List content blocks from shared templates and allow blocks to be shared across different templates
  • Allow template files and blocks to be renamed
  • Allow delivery of message to be suppressed from template using "dont_send" template filter, eg. [% recipient.EMAIL | dont_send -%]
  • Set the campaign subject from template using the "set_subject" filter, eg. [% 'I want this subject' | set_subject -%]
  • Support for PROCESS in Drag & Drop template blocks. PROCESS allows dynamic content of a block to be generated at "drop-time".
  • Support for INCLUDE in Drag & Drop template blocks. INCLUDE provides access to truly dynamic content templating within Drag & Drop campaigns
  • Auto-correct links without protocol (eg. missing http://) at the tracker level to reduce the number of "tracker not found" errors caused by invalid links in email body.
  • Load subscribe confirmation page template based on subdomain when exact template determination is not possible.
  • Extend support for search by name, category and brand in merchant feeds
  • Display detailed A/B test report including heatmap and links for all A/B tested campaigns
  • Add client's subdomain to confirmation link URL
  • Keep the unsubscribe import results open until user action
  • Webhook call performance improvements. Subscribe and unsubscribe calls are processed in independent queues.

And while we were at it, we have addressed some bugs as well:

  • Prevent duplicate template names
  • Prevent duplicate shared system template files (eg. Unsubscribe template, etc.)
  • Translations on default unsubscribe page
  • Links from datasource incorrectly mapped to a wrong column in report export
  • Display correct values in A/B test piechart
  • A/B tested delivery timeline chart to display B delivery data at correct time
  • Campaign API cache to reset on template change

Now as the summer is in full swing and our team members are enjoying vacations we expect to slow down a bit. That doesn't mean we won't be working on new features - we'll just take a break from the bi-weekly schedule and work on some of our ideas that we were pushing back for a while.

Enjoy the summer!