Email marketing: What lies ahead in 2017?

28 February, 2017 Analysis

In 2017 we are expecting a significant change in the overall perception and preparation of marketing campaigns. The main topics in the world of email marketing will be the penalisation of image-only emails, the general tightening of spam filter rules and the increase in protection against email abuse.

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Personalisation is not just about addressing the client

22 August, 2016 Personalisation

We often talk about the importance of personalisation, but few people can say what should be personalised and how This often leads to the idea that personalisation is simply the way of addressing the recipient. In reality, the means of address is only its simplest and least effective form.

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Template snippets

26 July, 2016 Tips & TricksHow-To

As you know, Mailkit templates are a bit different from how we usually imagine a template - they are not just customizable emails but a complex system giving the client access to highly sophisticated content personalisation functions using the template language. Most recently, we have added the option of creating snippets, i.e., bits of code that can be used across different templates.

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Léká Engagement score put into practice

18 July, 2016 Case Study

Pears Healthy Cyber, which runs the pharmacy websites and, is among our most progressive clients and is constantly looking for ways to make their campaigns more effective.

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Gmail simplifies the unsubscribe process

8 August, 2014 NewsUnsubscribeProviders

Emails with an active unsubscribe option in the Social, Groups and Promo tabs will have the unsubscribe button displayed in the header next to the sender address.

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Automatic campaign SPAM check

14 September, 2012 How-ToEmail Campaigns

Mailkit automatically checks your campaign's SPAM score – the likeliness of your campaign being flagged as SPAM by the anti-spam filters or email clients. What is this good for and how should you interpret the information?

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Campaign A/B testing

27 May, 2012 How-ToEmail CampaignsCampaign Delivery

We have an exciting new feature for you that will help you to achieve more efficient campaigns - A/B testing. Using A/B testing your campaign has two different versions which are sent to a subset of your recipients first (half gets version A, the other half version B). Later on the more successful version out of the two will be delivered to the remaining recipients.

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Why not to send your emailing from Outlook?

4 December, 2009 Email MarketingTips & TricksEmail Campaigns

Outlook, as well as other desktop email clients, is primarily intended for one-to-one personal communication. It is definitely well suited for sending personal offers to concrete business partner, however it is less advisable for multi-recipient delivery and absolutely inadequate for mass emailing.

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New campaign preview options

8 December, 2008 News

It's no news that you can use the [PREVIEW] tag in your campaign to let your recipients see the email in the browser. Now the Syndicate and Agency customers can use tamplates to further extend and personalize the browser display. What is this good for?

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Campaign SPAM check

16 March, 2007 News

To make your life easier and help you increase the delivery rate of your campaigns, we have added new SPAM check feature which allows you to get immediate report on spam scoring of your campaign.

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