Mailkit 2.0 - New design and features

15 May, 2018 NewsReleases

Mailkit has recently undergone a major upgrade. Version 2.0 has brought not just a completely redesigned interface but a modification and expansion of basic functionalities. What are all the options Mailkit offers you today?

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GDPR - Are you ready?

26 April, 2017 GDPR

There is no doubt that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is currently one of the most spoken topics in digital marketing. The most significant change in legislation in the last decade it has a right to be! Of course, the risk of enormous fines for getting it wrong is what makes the headlines, but that's not the primary focus of the new regulation. Putting customers back in control of their data is what the GDPR is designed to do, it has been formulated to bring back privacy by design that has sadly as recent news of Facebook's and Cambridge Analytica's activities has appeared to have been lost.

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What (not) to do in email marketing

16 March, 2017 InfographicsBest practice

Our ten tips can help marketers streamline their email marketing campaigns. We recommend that you always carefully consider whether sending a message is really necessary.

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Volume does not guarantee performance, and not only in marketing

10 March, 2017 Best practice

In the world of print or TV advertising, marketers strive to reach their audience as precisely as possible, even though their options can be relatively limited - by choosing the right media, the right advertising times, frequency, etc. Choosing a children’s magazine to advertise chainsaws is unlikely to earn you much praise from your boss, even if say that you are educating the next generation of customers.

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Email marketing: What lies ahead in 2017?

28 February, 2017 Analysis

In 2017 we are expecting a significant change in the overall perception and preparation of marketing campaigns. The main topics in the world of email marketing will be the penalisation of image-only emails, the general tightening of spam filter rules and the increase in protection against email abuse.

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Personalisation is not just about addressing the client

22 August, 2016 Personalisation

We often talk about the importance of personalisation, but few people can say what should be personalised and how This often leads to the idea that personalisation is simply the way of addressing the recipient. In reality, the means of address is only its simplest and least effective form.

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Template snippets

26 July, 2016 Tips & TricksHow-To

As you know, Mailkit templates are a bit different from how we usually imagine a template - they are not just customizable emails but a complex system giving the client access to highly sophisticated content personalisation functions using the template language. Most recently, we have added the option of creating snippets, i.e., bits of code that can be used across different templates.

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Léká Engagement score put into practice

18 July, 2016 Case Study

Pears Healthy Cyber, which runs the pharmacy websites and, is among our most progressive clients and is constantly looking for ways to make their campaigns more effective.

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Gmail simplifies the unsubscribe process

8 August, 2014 NewsUnsubscribeProviders

Emails with an active unsubscribe option in the Social, Groups and Promo tabs will have the unsubscribe button displayed in the header next to the sender address.

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Automatic campaign SPAM check

14 September, 2012 How-ToEmail Campaigns

Mailkit automatically checks your campaign's SPAM score – the likeliness of your campaign being flagged as SPAM by the anti-spam filters or email clients. What is this good for and how should you interpret the information?

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