Mailkit 2.9.2 changelog

18 May, 2021 Changelog

We are coming up with another update of our platform. We are constantly working to improve our data sources. A fundamental novelty of this update is the support of CSV and JSON formats for SQL data sources.

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Mailkit 2.9.1 changelog

20 April, 2021 Changelog

We come up with a new update of our platform. For example, we focused on the processing of data sources, which we will also address in future updates.

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Get ready for BIMI at Gmail

11 March, 2021 BIMIVMC

It’s no secret that Google has been running a pilot of BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) at Gmail for a few months now. After all it was a subject of a major press release and has been echoed throughout the industry getting email geeks as well as marketers excited. Now that the pilot is in its second phase and BIMI at Gmail is getting closer to general availability it’s time to look at the details about the requirements.

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Ultimate Guide to BIMI

19 August, 2020

A lot of articles have been published covering the marketing value of Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI). Some covered the BIMI record or how it gives trusted senders control over how their brand is represented in messaging services and it’s deployment, but no great article so far have gone into great detail of what it takes to have a valid BIMI record.

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Mailkit 2.8 changelog

29 June, 2020

Few weeks have passed and we are bringing you another update. This release's main focus was the timezone support. Now you can easily schedule unattended as well as recurring campaigns for a specific timezone. The timezone support has also been added to the data source automated updates settings. But as always there is more...

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Mailkit 2.7 changelog

7 June, 2020 Changelog

After a while we have a new release for you and it brings a major innovation of the campaign creation process. We have often heard that our customers would like to see an easier way to prepare their campaigns and templates. That's why we have decided to add a completely new drag and drop editor including hundreds of ready to use templates for you to choose from and customize.

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Deliverability: Beyond the big 3 + small 3

1 January, 2020

If you are a US-based company you are most likely worried about your deliverability to the big 3 mailbox providers - Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. This extends to the focus of the ESP & Inbox placement monitoring providers as these are the destinations customers are focusing on since they cover nearly 90% of the market combined. iCloud, AT&T and Comcast (the small 3) get some attention too thanks to their user base even though their market shares are around 2%.

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Mailkit 2.6 changelog

20 December, 2019 Changelog

We have a chrismas update for you and this time we have focused on link tracking for 3rd party analytics - whether it's Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics or any other platform. In addition this update brings new URL tracking in reporting with additional details, improved SMS editor, support for remarketing SMS campaigns and many more.

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I'm a CEO - What's Email Marketing got to do with me?

6 December, 2019

For the answer to that question - I would say it simply has everything to do with you because it drives revenues and extends your brand both of which are your raison d'etre.

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Get ready for Halloween … and all other holidays!

28 October, 2019 Tips & Tricks

The year has completed a full circle again and the festive season is about to blow up. Just look at the calendar - it’s a holiday bonanza no matter where you are from Puja, Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, St. Nicholas Day, Christmas, New Year... the list just doesn’t end. Most of these days are seen as an important opportunity to send custom email campaigns to stay on top of your customer’s minds.

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