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14 October, 2019 AnalyticsIntegrations

Mailkit has always focused on building an email marketing platform that takes advantage of data. From data sources that allow easy integration to templates that allow marketers to automate large amount of their work. Our commitment to data doesn’t end there and the latest update brought two important integrations - Google BigQuery and Exponea Experience Cloud.

Google BigQuery

Most of you will know what Google BigQuery is, but for those who don’t BigQuery is a cloud based data store by Google. One of the big advantages of BigQuery is it’s speed when processing large amounts of data but also it’s integration with other Google services and 3rd party systems.

As such, BigQuery often serves marketers as a central data storage from various marketing platforms, allowing extensive analytics using Google’s tools. Access data directly from Google Data Studio and create your own interactive reports. Use AI Platform Notebooks for machine learning on top of your data.

With the growing interest from our customers in extended analytics we have implemented BigQuery integration for all reporting data. It means that whatever data we collect about your campaigns and recipient behavior can be pushed to BigQuery if you enable this integration. All you have to do is to setup a Service Account in your Google Cloud Console for the project you want to hold the data and create key in JSON format. Next you need to assign the BigCloud Admin permission in the IAM & admin. Once you are done with creating access you have to provide us with the JSON key you have created.

Data Analysis

Exponea Experience Cloud

Exponea has found a very strong footing with ecommerce and retailers with their omnichannel marketing cloud. Their platforms allows some very neat stuff when it comes to campaign management across channels. One of the key marketing channels is obviously email. While Exponea by default uses Mailgun to send emails, they do have integration with Mailkit for customers demanding superior deliverability.

Customers of Exponea were able to send their emails through Mailkit before thanks to the API integration on Exponea’s end. Now customers using both platforms can take advantage of Mailkit’s integration that passes full reporting data back to Exponea in real time. This allows our customers to integrate all campaigns into Exponea managed workflows. As a result they can take advantage of both platforms without having to compromise on features or email deliverability.

Get connected

Since both these integrations are passing personal data to a 3rd party and as these parties are becoming sub-processors, you have to request the integration to be enabled with our helpdesk. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you with the integration.