Mailkit 2.0 - New design and features

15 May, 2018 NewsReleases

Mailkit has recently undergone a major upgrade. Version 2.0 has brought not just a completely redesigned interface but a modification and expansion of basic functionalities. What are all the options Mailkit offers you today?

New user interface

The basis of the new Mailkit is a completely redesigned user interface. This makes it easier to manage campaigns, plus the interface is now fully responsive.

Message editor and drag&drop

The central feature of Mailkit is still an advanced templating system. In addition to automatic content insertion, you can now also work with pre-prepared blocks. Ready-made elements can be easily turned into a template. A simplified in-line editor enables you to modify only the pre-selected parts of the blocks, so that the result is visually consistent.

Engagement score and its use in segmentation

The Engagement score, which automatically (using AI) segments recipients according to their reactions to previous campaigns has been one of the long-standing and unique features of our system. You can now also use the Engagement score in advanced filtering, targeting recipients who have been most responsive to your messages over the long term or prepare reactivation campaigns and only appeal to those with a declining Engagement score.

Advanced recipient segmentation

The ability to easily filter among recipients, without the need to involve a data specialist, have always been one of Mailkit’s key advantages. Our filtering features are now even more streamlined. Our simple interface helps you create multi-step filters that can make use of the Engagement score or, for example, take into account the recipient’s reaction to the last campaign.

GDPR compliance

We have always emphasized that Mailkit and its users respect not just the law but also other internet rules, both written and not. Our user environment is therefore fully GDPR compliant, from our servers to working with data about users and recipients.