I'm a CEO - What's Email Marketing got to do with me?

6 December, 2019 by Naveed Gill, COO Mailkit

For the answer to that question - I would say it simply has everything to do with you because it drives revenues and extends your brand both of which are your raison d'etre.

Here's some interesting data - 94% of B2B buyers say they conduct research before purchasing a business product so your competitors are realizing that they can’t wait for their prospects to connect with sales before getting involved in the buying process.

As much as 70% of the B2B buying process is now completed before a prospect agrees to meet with a vendor.

It's clear that marketing is a boardroom discussion for CEO's too not just the CMO. As the former CEO of Tiscali I took this very seriously indeed and was involved with both ATL & BTL on almost a daily basis.

Recent research by Oracle and Econsultancy shows that marketers are demonstrating their impact like never before.

Data shows that email is the biggest driver of conversions — even over search and social.

1. Email marketing captures top-of-the-funnel prospects

The buying process doesn’t usually progress in a straight line. Unless you’re selling $3 widgets, buyers will be doing research online, comparing products and services, and trying to determine which provider to trust to deliver those products or services. This research stage usually takes a while, and it doesn’t follow a neat pattern.

In addition you also know that B2B buyers most often have a series of decision makers and steps that the process must go through.

Email marketing is the perfect way to capture top-of-the-funnel prospects—those who have just begun their research. If you have no automated way of keeping in touch with these prospects, they’ll wander off to a competitor who does.

2. Email marketing is an essential part of lead nurturing

Once prospects have shown interest and entered the marketing funnel based on the strategy you've discussed with the CMO, then it's down to Marketing to keep them engaged with appropriate,relevant and timely information which also complies to GDPR.

3. Email marketing helps your sales team guide prospects through the buying process

When prospects are receiving valuable, helpful information from a company via email, they’re going to be a lot more open to taking calls from your sales team. Salespeople will also find it much easier to generate conversation points when they can reference what’s being sent via the email campaign that’s been triggered by what the prospects have already demonstrated interest in.
Salespeople can also pick up where a campaign leaves off to dig further into the subject of interest, providing more in-depth information and case studies. Email marketing has set up the play for the salespeople.

4. Email marketing is trackable

Today’s email marketing is no longer bombard and hope - using platforms like Mailkit means it’s measurable, and it’s demonstrated to be one of the best strategies we have in today’s digital age in cost/performance terms.

So let a former CEO help you as a CEO to drive more revenues in way that makes sense for the business.

At Mailkit we want to help you to deliver more ROI and change the paradigm. Mailkit's premium Email Automation And AI driven Engagement platform will help you drive more brand awareness,client retention and drive ROI.

Mailkit is not a cost it's a revenue generator that is essential in today's digitally evolving landscape.