How to grow your email marketing list

12 March, 2019 by Jenna Tiffany

If customer data is gold dust, subscriber data is pure platinum. Your subscribers are the customers with whom you have the greatest chance of building a relationship. But first, you have to get them to sign up. In our post-GDPR world, that’s not always so easy.

If you’re struggling to grow your email marketing list, take a look at these five tips which may help:

1. Run a competition

Who doesn’t want maximum gain for minimum effort? The best way to achieve this is to win something in a competition. If you’re able to offer something with serious value in a subscriber-comp, the anticipation will send their fingers merrily a-clacking over your subscription forms. Do be aware, however, that the prize you offer will impact upon the lead-value of the subscribers you gain. If you’re offering something relevant to your brand as a competition prize, you’re likely to get entrants who are already engaged with the kind of thing you do, and who will remain interested. However, if you offer a random prize, the majority of your new subscribers will only be in it for the prize, and will consign you to Spam when they don’t win. Also bare GDPR in mind, present an opt in option to subscribing to your email marketing. It is vital that the opt for providing consent must clearly state that consent has been given to receiving marketing communications and not only related to the competition. 

2. Content marketing

Good content is internet gold. It makes Google love you, it lends you credibility, it massively raises your chances of becoming an influencer, and it’s what people sign up for. Keep producing high-quality content, with strong CTAs, and you subscriber list will start swelling in no time.

Source: theSkimm

3. Offer subscriber bonuses

Subscriber bonuses can be everything from lead magnets like exclusive content (podcasts, interviews, offers etc) to things like loyalty points and free shipping. As with everything, the key to gaining customers (or, in this case, subscribers) is offering value to your audience. Figure out what people want, and give it to them in exchange for subscriptions.

Source: Quest Nutrition

4. Begin a loyalty scheme

We mentioned loyalty points above. Loyalty schemes are great ways to gain subscribers. If you’re offering a tempting enough loyalty scheme, most people will happily sign up to your emails as part of the deal. Consider what you could give back to your loyal subscribers for example, you could provide VIP access or exclusive deals as a result of being a loyal email subscriber. 

5. Make it easy to subscribe

This is fairly obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. Make it as easy as possible for people to subscribe. That doesn’t just mean put links to sign up in prominent places. It also means making the process itself as quick and easy as possible. Sign up forms are a tricky area for email marketers. They’re essential, but they’re also not the greatest for your UX. As a general rule, the less people have to type, the more likely they are to complete the signup process. Don’t ask for reams and reams of information, don’t force them through loads of new pages, and don’t make them re-enter the same data more than once.

In summary, give your customers and website visitors a reason to subscriber to your email marketing. 

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