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Management suite

We provide you an extensive suite of tools that enable you to effectively administer and manage your account. Every detail has been thought out and presented in an easy to navigate and intuitive to use interface. Everything you need to setup and control Mailkit for you is accessible with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Management suite

Multi-user interface

Large customers and projects often require multiple users to access the system. With Mailkit you can setup an unlimited number of user accounts with 4 different levels of access. You can add an Editor account to let someone else edit the campaign, Publisher account for someone to take care of campaign planning and delivery, Reporter account to let your marketing department see the statistics or even add another administrator to share your workload.

Email address management

With Mailkit you have no limit on the number of email addresses you can use to send campaigns from. All you need to do is verify the authenticity of the email address you wish to send from and then you can start sending. Simple, straightforward and legal.


Customized pages

With Mailkit you can easily customize the look of the system pages to match your brand and  website. For example, you can customize the page that the unsubscribe link takes subscribers to, keeping the interaction with your brand a seamless and on-brand experience.

Sub accounts for clients or departments

Exclusive to our Agency, Corporation and Government clients, we offer the ability to provide an unlimited number of sub accounts for users. Each sub account can only view the campaigns, data and reports that are generated under those accounts, so they cannot view the data that they are not supposed to see. The Master account gives a holistic view of all sub accounts in addition to the possibility of drilling down in to the sub account level.

Complete payment history

For each payment made an invoice is automatically issued and available for download in PDF. All invoices are stored in the system and you have access to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.