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List Management

A critical and often overlooked component of email marketing is the management of subscriber lists. It is essential that lists are kept up to date and highly beneficial to maintain them, old outdated unkempt lists have a huge impact on the effectiveness of campaigns and will impact delivery rates and incur costs for businesses that over time can be quite substantial. List management is also important for maintaining compliance with privacy and anti-spam laws and it is something we take very seriously. In order to help our clients we provide all the tools and features necessary to do this and more.

List Management

No limits to list size and number

With Mailkit you are not limited by number of mailing lists nor number of subscribers in each of the lists. This removes the difficulty present with a lot of email marketing platforms and you can very easily manage multiple campaigns targeted to various mailing lists. To make life even easier you can even send your campaigns to multiple mailing lists and be sure that none of the recipients will receive duplicate emails, as our system can recognise a subscriber is present in more than one mailing list that you have elected to send to and automatically prevent duplicate emails being sent to the same person or entity.

Extensive subscriber data

Subscriber data can contain many fields in addition to the most basic ones of name and email address. We recognise the need of email marketers to store additional data from address information to phone and mobile numbers. If the basic fields are not enough, you can use up to an extra 25 custom fields for each subscriber to store valuable data and use that information for personalization as well.


Subscriber Engagement Score

Automatically segment your mailing lists using artificial intelligence based on the subscribers reactions to your previous campaigns. Mailkit will score your subscribers based on their activity with your campaigns, giving you a holistic view of the engagement of your subscribers. You can also use Mailkit’s advanced filtering feature to target subscribers who have been the most active with your campaigns over an extended timeframe. Not only can you target the most active but you can also win back and re-engage subscribers as they drop off, ensuring a healthy life cycle activity and results that will speak for themselves.


Subscriber sign-up forms

An unfamiliarity with HTML does not mean you will not be able to create one for your website. Mailkit's subscriber form code generator will create the HTML code for you to place in no time at all. The code can easily be styled to match the design of your website and you can enter a customized return address for the form so your subscribers won't even notice you are using Mailkit. Unlike a lot of platforms out there, we do not like to plaster our name and details over your work, we are a premium product built to serve you.

Easy unsubscribe

The importance of observing privacy and spam legislation cannot be stated enough by us. We operate a strictly enforced policy and this is to protect not just our infrastructure but also you as an individual and business. With Mailkit you can easily place a customized unsubscribe link into your campaigns and in case you forget, Mailkit will insert a default link on its own. This way your recipients always have the option to unsubscribe and you will remain within the letter of the law. At the end of the day, failure to observe this not only means you break the law but your reputation will also be damaged in the eyes of inbox providers, having a huge impact on your messages going to where you intend.

List Import/Export

It is easy to add subscribers one by one to a list on Mailkit, however, it is far more effective to mass import list. Mailkit supports multiple file formats (XLS, XLSX, CSV, LDIF and vCard)  for fast import of your mailing lists from other applications, address books, etc. Every subscriber email address is automatically validated during import, making sure your mailing list is always complete and up-to-date.
We also provide an easy export option of subscriber lists to CSV and XLS format. You can select whether you want to export all subscribers or only a subset, e.g. unsubscribed recipients.


Automatic status handling

With Mailkit you don't have to worry about dealing with bouncing recipients. Mailkit will automatically detect bounces, handle unsubscribes, update the status of mailing lists and provide detailed reports. You will always have the most up-to-date information about your subscribers just a click away, and all automated actions are there and documented for you to review should you desire.

Smart list filtering

Smart filtering allows for even more complex management of your mailing list, providing you with a powerful tool to set filtering rules on the data at hand. Not only you can easily define the filtering rules, but you can handle subscribers matching the filters in different ways - carry out mass copy, move, delete or updates, save them into a new mailing list, etc.



One of our most respected and talked about features at Mailkit is without a doubt our XML-RPC API, it is the most advanced on the market and allows for tight integration with 3rd party applications. Even Mailkit is using it's own XML-RPC API for some of its tasks ensuring detailed testing and up-to-date functionality. You can avoid most of the manual tasks by using the XML-RPC API and have your campaigns and lists run in a fully automated mode.