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Dynamic content

The original idea behind Mailkit was to develop and build a mass mailing system that would allow us to create fully template based campaigns, and that those campaigns would not require human intervention to run. We aimed to create a fully automated system that would build the dynamic content of the email from various data sources according to the predefined intelligent template. That's what we succeeded in doing and that is what Mailkit is about!

Dynamic content

Remote Data Sources

With Mailkit you can fill your templates with the right content at the right time. This is possible through the support of XML/RSS data sources. It's not just some simple loading of data, it's the automated process of loading and using the data that makes it so powerful. Simply enter the URL of your XML/RSS and use the result in real-time template processing. You can use the data sources to retrieve the members of your mailing lists from your back office application or load real-time data to your emails. It's as simple as that - you create a data source, put data source tags into your template in place where you want to have the actual data and you are ready to send the emails. Mailkit will take care of the rest - from fetching the latest members of mailing list, retrieving the real-time content to generating the resulting personalised emails.

Remote delivery via XML-RPC

One of the strengths of Mailkit is its ability to easily and powerfully integrate with 3rd party applications, and it is all thanks to it's XML-RPC interface. The possibilities of use are literally endless and the scope down to the user. You can use it to send simple emails with a unique serial number when somebody registers a purchase of your product, or even complex tasks such as sending invoices to your customers. All of that is easily done using a simple template that gives your email the looks and an XML-RPC call that submits the data to be sent. To make sure our XML-RPC is always up-to date and contains all the features you might need we use Mailkit's features in our other projects as well as Mailkit itself. Mailkit's XML-RPC remote invocation is suited to various applications like sending receipts, bills, confirmation emails or simple mailing list management.

Extensive Templating

Mailkit's engine is built around one of the most powerful templating systems, the Template Toolkit. Designed from the ground up to provide state of the art templating for your emails, the result is more than just templating. It's the automation that comes with templating that makes Mailkit unique. Using conditionals, loops & Mailkit's data sources you can setup a simple template that does all the work related creating the email for you. We even have clients that have one person responsible for the templates doing the work of entire teams. The boundaries are your imagination.


Microsite templates

In this day and age sometimes email is simply not enough. An increasing number of  internet marketing campaigns use microsites to deliver the message in full and get the customer hooked. With Mailkit you can easily create additional templates and have a microsite to accompany your email campaign. Not only can you have a microsite but you can also use all the recipient related information you have to personalize the site! All of this in minutes with no programming skills and no need for any separate web hosting.