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The inbox placement of your emails is not the only visibility for your brand. Brand impressions matter and we are here to help you get the best visibility you can get.

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Brand Identity
Top of the Inbox placement

Top of the Inbox placement

Time of send is important but there it's nowhere near the efficiency of the mailbox provider helping you deliver your campaigns to the top of the mailbox

Premium display

Premium display

Multiple providers around the world are already providing premium services. Message highlighting, default image loading or custom avatars

Brand Indicators

Brand Indicators

The emerging standard for mailbox avatars is called BIMI. Brand Indicators for Message Identification leverages your email authentication to provide additional visibility

The additional visibility for your brand

We got used to seeing the logos in the mailbox. It wasn't until now that the marketers could control the logo display. We help our customers get visibility with premium services like trustedDialog and the new BIMI standard for Brand indicators.

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BIMI display

Leverage your investment in email authentication

BIMI builds on DMARC standard and it's email authentication policy. Make most of your investment into DMARC deployment by implementing BIMI and get additional visibility for your brand.

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Take control of your brand indicator

Get the correct logo in front of your audience. Email user agents do their best to guess the right logo and use various sources - from Linkedin to Facebook. With premium display services and BIMI you are in control.

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