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The crux of our business is getting email into subscribers inboxes. An Email Service Provider (ESP) can have all the fancy features in the world but at the end of the day if they deliver to SPAM or they don’t deliver at all they won’t keep their customers for too long. Equally if the email sent is transactional as opposed to marketing, then that message needs to be in the primary inbox and not the promotions tab or SPAM folder.


A Complex Recipe

There are a multitude of factors that determine where a message ends up and a lot of that is how users respond to messages. If they open, interact or move them to a folder for safe keeping then these are all positive signals to inbox providers. If subscribers ignore, delete without opening or mark the message as SPAM then these are taken as negative signals. 

These negative actions will also have some blowback on the reputation of the sender, the domains involved, the infrastructure used to send the message and the list goes on. It is for this reason that good ESPs care deeply about the actions of their clients, and why Mailkit really cares. The complexity in maintaining good deliverability is a big reason why the best performing ESP platforms mostly specialise in email rather than attempting to take on a broader marketing platform approach.

Be good and contribute

Good behaviour is not only important for our clients but is also essential for the ESPs themselves. Attendance and participation in industry events is a key component in Maillkit’s success. Through these events we maintain good relationships with not only inbox providers and ISPs but also with internet security and anti-abuse groups, government institutions and even our ESP peers. This ensures Mailkit stays on top of new and evolving standards and also gives us the opportunity to contribute to and be a part of shaping a secure future for the online World too.

Onboarding new clients

Every new client at Mailkit goes through the same onboarding process. It doesn’t matter if the client is a Fortune 500 company or a family run eCommerce site selling handmade bedding from Mongolia, we treat everybody the same. Our vetting procedure includes a full review of your subscriber lists, how you acquired them and if you can prove how they opted in. We look into your history as a sender of email and if you have any history that may raise flags. Your intentions for future use of Mailkit are also reviewed and we also try to get an understanding of the level of knowledge you and/or your team possess and if we can help improve that. We also ask for examples of previous campaigns you may have sent. 

Undergoing the onboarding often provides an opportunity for our team to spot features we have that may help streamline and improve your workflow. It will also often highlight existing or potential problems that we have solutions to. At the end of the day the onboarding process benefits everybody. It gives our existing clients and us peace of mind that the standards we have are maintained, and of course that the time, effort and money you invest in our solution will never be wasted.


Zero tolerance approach

Where we can we educate, but we do not tolerate flagrant abuse of our systems as this not only impacts us but ultimately it can impact our clients that play by the rules and follow best practice. It is for this reason we will remove users who abuse the system and it is also why our clients feel safe with us, they know we always put them first. It is also why, at the end of the day, you will not find better delivery rates than with Mailkit. Our infrastructure has impeccable reputation and our client base consists of high level marketers who know and understand that the right way to email is the best way to email.