Mailkit 2.1.5 changelog

5 June, 2019 Changelog

Dnes došlo k nasazení aktualizace, která přináší několik nových funkcí a oprav chyb. Tento seznam obsahuje kompletní seznam změn v této verzi.

  • new content variables and content merge tags with engagement score and engagement trend: [% recipient.ENG_SCORE -%], [% recipient.ENG_TREND -%], [ENG_SCORE], [ENG_TREND]
  • new API function mailkit.mailinglist.engagement to retrieve engagement score of recipients
  • add search in the agency clients using their IDs
  • fix display of campaign schedule button in deleted campaigns
  • improved preview profile use when sending a test message
  • fix display of subject line in reports for campaigns sent in unattended and recurring delivery mode
  • increase size of the input for Google Analytics name
  • fix bug in JSON API mailkit.sendmail
  • extend the API output of with an url for message preview
  • fix opening multiple kendo windows when importing recipients from CSV/XLS
  • added action confirmation when removing agency clients
  • new content variables and content merge tags with collected data of recipient: [% recipient.GEO_CITY -%], [GEO_CITY], (GEO_CONTINENT, GEO_COUNTRY, GEO_REGION, GEO_CITY, GEO_OS, GEO_BROWSER)
  • removed obsolete checkbox to re-generate content before delivery in recurring schedule of campaign delivery
  • fix template edit icon alignment in campaign settings
  • fix content block display in editor
  • fix adding proper Google Analytic name to UTM parameters in remarketing campaign
  • fix display of consent in recipients history
  • fix error in preview of sent email in campaign delivery report
  • fix error in display recipient report
  • fix the display of % symbol in reports
  • added missing translations
  • fix opening specific mailing list from search results
  • fix "N/A" bounce rate on campaign report