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We recognize and understand that SMEs often have restricted resources and different needs and priorities to larger companies. Our platform is an attractive proposal to the SME business space as it provides the tools you need to create automated campaigns that do the work of entire teams. On top of that we work hard to ensure our SME clients have the knowledge and education they need at their fingertips to take full advantage of the potential that our platform offers those with a bit of creative thinking. Our team are there to help you take your marketing to the next level, all you need to do is read on to see how.

For SMEs

The Delicious Dinner Restaurant case study


The Delicious Dinner Restaurant had just opened its third location in New York and were looking at ways to encourage repeat custom. They were a growing family business and had plans for a fourth location and dreams of expansion beyond that. With its humble beginnings as a first generation immigrant startup in the mid 1990s the second generation of the family consisting of an older sister and three American born younger brothers had taken their parents creation and grown the business, a true American dream success story.

Having sat down with Mailkit the family explained that they wanted to reward regular diners and encourage regular, repeat custom. With three restaurants this had become impossible to do as they had so many different customers. Gone were the days when they knew a majority of customers by name and they wanted to get back to what they felt made their restaurant business a success in the first place, a personalised service where the customer was recognised.

For the previous five years they had been collecting customer names and email addresses so that they could send out a monthly newsletter containing menu changes, events and a voucher for a free drink. This was a generic templated newsletter that went to all their clients, it had had some success in bringing clients back but they felt and wanted it to be so much more. With Mailkits help the family found a restaurant loyalty programme that would work with their existing Point of Sale (POS) system. The existing clients were emailed news of the loyalty card and enticed to sign up (with an offer of 20% off their next meal) on a Mailkit Delicious Dinner branded microsite that had been set up in 30 minutes . Upon opening the site customers were presented with a welcome screen and card sign up page. This was the perfect opportunity to increase the amount of information the restaurant held on their clients and ask a few questions that would help better customise future offers on an individual basis. They added birthday information, dietary requirements (vegetarian etc), food allergies, if they were married and if so the wedding date and finally their home address.

While the sign up campaign was running they started to create smart templates that would leverage the data they were collecting to automatically generate emails based on any scenarios they could think of. The Mailkit smart templates meant they could very easily set up and leave these campaigns to run. For example one campaign was set to send emails out everyday but only to those who had a wedding anniversary coming up in exactly 14 days time. The campaign would offer a free bottle of wine and starter as an anniversary gift. This required no manual intervention, once created it would always run, and the offer could easily be changed by the restaurant staff simply by updating the text and image in a spreadsheet on the free to use Google Sheets.

A similar campaign ran on birthdays. They had other campaigns based on the recency of a past visit, the frequency with which clients ate at the restauraunt and also the monetary spend on meals. The system was able to automatically target customers based on either a single factor or a combination of them. So a customer who spends a lot on each visit, has in the past frequently visited but has not recently eaten there is someone who should be prompted to come back. It is also someone who is worth enticing with a high value offer as you know they have spent well and frequently in the past.


Delicious Dinner very quickly started to reap the benefits of the new system and currently have 5 restaraunts in the New York area with a sixth opening soon, and two more planned in Boston and Philadelphia. The work with Mailkit has certainly paid off and the system does most of the legwork when set up correctly. As a small business Delicious Dinner did not have the resources or knowledge needed to go it alone, but they did listen to what Mailkit had to say and put the trust in them to help deliver something that really worked. Mailkit work across the Globe with many small to medium enterprises and leverage the help of their Select Partners to help businesses grow. If you are looking at ways to make the right move for your business then get in touch with us here. We’ll make sure you won’t regret it.

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