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At Mailkit we are more than willing to work with not for profit organizations, and our basic criteria is simply 'you have to do good'. We work for free with a number of charities that have low to medium sized volumes but for those charities that send very high numbers we offer a 50% discount, essentially having to cover the high costs that large volume senders generate, and to ensure that we can maintain a free service to the smaller charities that are in greater need of our help.

For Non-profits

The Good Cause Charity case study


Back in 2015 the Good Cause Charity were introduced to Mailkit by a London based agency that had been taken on to work on a new campaign. The agency were concerned that Good Cause had suffered poor results from email in the past and that despite a decent sized subscriber list were not getting the donations that they had the potential to.

With their existing email setup Good Cause were sending out newsletters on a quarterly basis and had satisfied themselves with a 5% open rate, a rate that they believed was good. The reality was a little different and after doing some digging the agency discovered that the email service provider (ESP) that Good Cause were using operated an infrastructure with some serious reputation issues owing to SPAM that went out from its infrastructure. In short the ESP had a reputation so poor a lot of the email sent was simply trashed by the inbox providers, including that from Good Cause.

So having identified a major problem Good Cause were more than happy to accept Mailkit’s offer of help. The Mailkit team along with the agency discussed the plans for the upcoming year with Good Cause. Rather than relying on a quarterly email fundraising campaign the charity went with the idea of a building a monthly campaign that built more of a narrative of what the charity were up to. They would show how the money was being spent and would tell the stories of those that they helped, building an emotional connection in those reading the emails with those being helped and of course the charity. They would also highlight other problems or causes that the charity needed finance to help.


By making the email something worth reading that gave the recipient cause to open and engage, and using a platform that actually delivered the messages to inbox, the charity were able to increase their opens after 9 months to over 35% on average. This brought a huge increase in donations to the cause. There are many other ways to further a cause through email, including the use of Mailkit’s many smart features. It is even possible to vary the stories told to people based on the knowledge of interests you are aware they may have. To really take your organizations work to the next level please do reach out to us. We are always looking for ways to give back to the World and are more than happy to help your cause.

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