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E-Commerce stores are ideally positioned to take full advantage of Mailkit’s smart templates and maximise their ROI from the email channel through personalization. The volumes of data available to owners are a veritable gold mine, quite literally waiting for the right tools to be put to use on it. Mailkit provide you with the kit you need to maximise that mining potential, refine what you mine and then to turn it into revenue for your business. If you are looking to work smarter and drive your profits skyward then you need to read on here.

For eCommerce

Comfy Sports Shoe Store case study


When Comfy Sports Shoe Store approached Mailkit they were seeking to turn their email channel around. With open rates averaging just 4% on their existing solution their return on email was terrible. They had been sending one size fits all email campaigns for a few years and had fallen into the trap of low engagement rates impacting the reputation of them as a sender. As their new marketing manager bluntly put it, the campaigns were lazy and the only message they contained to their subscribers was buy, buy, buy! She understood that just as with shoes, they need to offer a variety of sizes in order to better fit their customers and drive sales.

The store had a lot of valuable data available on their subscribers that they were not using. From sign up they knew the name, gender, age range and interest in which sports their clients had. From the shop data they had the types of sport shoe they had previously purchased, for example, running, tennis, basketball, football, hiking, climbing etc and shoe size. Team Comfy had all the data they needed to put together highly personalized email campaigns.

Firstly they set about creating content that would be of interest to their subscribers. They decided to prepare content that focused on exercises that would help their customers improve in the sports they took part in. By categorizing exercises by type (cardio, upper body, lower body, specific muscle sets etc) they made the content fit several sports. So each type of sport had several exercises that the email could display. They put together the content in Google Sheets.

The next step was to create a smart template. The template was setup to call the subscriber data - name, sport and historical purchase sport category. And then according to the sport would pull in an exercise and flag that the particular exercise had been sent to the user (in order to prevent it being sent again). Lower down the email below the exercise content were three shoes that maybe of interest to the subscriber, again determined by sport but also by stock in the subscribers shoe size if that data was held. This meant that if shoe size data was available, the shoe would be displayed if a stock account was of +3 or more. If that stock count fell to 0 then the template would display a different shoe that was in stock, even if the campaign had already been sent as the template was setup to pull in real time data.


The first campaign went out and saw a slight uptick in engagement, but the team were sensible as they ran used Mailkit’s A/B test on subject lines to see which one worked best to re-engage subscribers. Over the following three months, as subscribers started to realize that Comfy Shoes were providing an email that contained information that was not only interesting but of value to them, the campaign open rates settled in at over 47% (over ten times their original rate). Click throughs and conversions rose in tandem and the Supreme team continued to innovate and mix the content.

We provide you with the kit that you need in order to succeed. The above example is just one of an infinite number of paths you can take to maximising the use of the data you have. E-commerce is the most data rich market segment of the retail world. It provides invaluable information that when used intelligently, with the right tools, is the difference between mediocrity and excellence. Drop us a line today and take a big step forward, we promise this will be one of the most important steps you ever make, and we’ll be with you when you take it.

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