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Mailkit make it easier for corporations to reduce and sometimes eliminate inefficient and time consuming processes while reducing wasted financial and manpower costs. We provide the tools big business needs to handle email in multiple languages while pulling data from a variety of sources. With Mailkit you can easily automate the workflow of an entire team, leaving just one or two people to manage the work of many, and allowing you the freedom to allocate your human resources elsewhere within your business. Read up some more here and see how our results speak for themselves.

For Corporations

Mmmm Beer Inc. case study


With over 100 brands spread across 60 countries Mmmm Beer Inc. had a lot of external as well as internal email campaigns that went out on a daily basis. The most fragmented and problematic for them was their internal communications as they had numerous solutions in place from company to company and data held in many different formats. The initial focus of Mmmm Beer was to streamline communications from their Mmmm Beer Global Shared Services Ltd. (MGSSC) company located in central Europe. The company was responsible for processing all the finance for every brand and entity owned by Mmmm Beer across the globe. This was a huge operation and meant the volumes of data they were dealing in was vast and the need for efficient communication was pivotal to the success of the entire company overall. The offices housed financial experts from all four corners of the Globe and communications were carried out in 28 languages. A big influence on the choice of Mailkit initially was due to the ability to create multiple users all grouped by company and departments. This meant that the IT department could administer everything from one master account and the sub account users would only access the campaigns that were applicable to them.

To start with Mmmm Beer decided to put Mailkit to task with the simple and straightforward task of handling their internal monthly newsletter. This was handled by a team of 3 employees that were pulled from other jobs each month to help the communications officer put together the newsletter that had graphics and text in multiple languages. Each newsletter was put together in one of the 28 languages and sent out. Originally intending to simply use Mailkit to build and send the email, the team at Mailkit pointed out that they could create one smart template and pull all the text and images from a Google sheet that contained all the text and images in each language. This meant that instead of needing the 3 additional staff to assemble the newsletters the communications officer could handle the entire task. All that was needed was for the translated text and images to be pasted into the spreadsheet under each language and for the campaign to be sent. The smart template called the relevant translation and displayed it to the employee based on the language they spoke. This spiked interest in Mailkit within Mmmm Beer and next up to bat were the IT department.

The inhouse IT had been tasked to develop an internal system that would automate a lot of work that at that point was being manually carried out. They were having huge issues with the lack of a uniform system for the major processes that the business had responsibility for, these being Purchase to Pay (PTP), Order to Cash (OTC) and Record to Report (RTR). PTP involved the collecting and matching of purchase orders to invoices, OTC was responsible for debt collection and RTR essentially prepared reports and financial statements for management and businesses. It was the first two that were initially integrated with Mailkit. The internally developed system was having difficulty in delivering to inboxes across the globe, the IP addresses used were not set with volume sending of email in mind and the system created could not handle message transfer properly. This meant that messages were going to SPAM or simply bouncing. The team were quickly learning that volume sending is not a simple thing and that there is a very good reason companies exist that deal specifically with this task. The other main issue was in dealing with a multitude of data sources and software that the companies with the Mmmm Group used.


To start with they wanted to automate debt collection notices as part of the OTC process, with reminder emails triggered of overdue invoices that would send out after the 7th, 21st and 28th days past payment due date. On the 3rd notice a message would also be sent to the relevant brands financial controller with instructions to pursue the unpaid invoice manually. The setup was simple to achieve with Mailkit. As these were purely financial notifications that the recipients needed they were classified as transactional messages. The Mmmm IT team created a template for the information that needed to be included and displayed and sent it over to Mailkit. Mailkit checked it over and then submitted it to the major inbox providers for approval, this took just under three weeks. Once approved the template could not be changed again without being resubmitted as failure to do so would have resulted in problems with Mmmm Beer’s transactional email delivery. The campaign was then launched on Mailkit much to the delight of the OTC team. This freed up large amounts of human resource and resulted in a huge decrease in payments that were later than a month.

Mailkit have been working with corporations for over 12 years now and have vast experience in dealing with nuances of the corporate World. If you are looking to boost efficiency within your organisation then we recommend you get in contact today and we’ll happily provide a consultation on how we can help you achieve this.

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