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With a deep understanding of the unique requirements of the banking sector, that comes from over 12 years of working hand in hand with banks, Mailkit offer a reliable, robust and secure ISO certified solution that delivers time and again. In the World of modern day banking, transactional messaging forms a core component of a greater system that needs to work smoothly and without a hitch. Find out here why so many banks finally found the dependable and secure solution to their email and SMS needs after they turned to the team at Mailkit. We have the tools, experience and expertise that you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

For Banks

The Very Good Bank Inc. case study


Having vetted Mailkit and checked their ISO certification, The Very Good Bank Inc. signed an agreement with us to handle their outbound transactional and marketing email. The bank put together a plan of the types of email they wanted to send out and to which customer groups. They divided them into two broad areas, transactional and marketing. The transactional list was quite large and included such things as confirmation emails (account setup, changes, recurring payment setups etc), bank statements, fee change notifications, payment card setup and many more vital communications used in daily operations. The bank's team decided to make this the first point of focus in setting up with Mailkit.

The team went about creating a template for a confirmation email that will automatically be triggered by a customer setting up a recurring payment. Having signed into Mailkit they jumped on the campaign editor and created a basic campaign that integrated the confirmation message with the bank system using Mailkit's remote delivery via XML-RPC. This enabled the email to be triggered by the customer's action, in this case the creation of a recurring payment.

Once the team were satisfied with the setup of the template they notified Mailkit that this campaign was to be transactional and requested they verify the contents. Mailkit checked the message and then submitted the template to the major inbox providers. Over the course of the following three weeks the various inbox providers gave their approval to the template and thus ensured the delivery of emails generated from the template to the bank's customers’ primary inbox. The template was then green lit by Mailkit for use along with the rest of the approved templates that the team at the Very Good Bank Inc. had created for transactional purposes. The whole process coupled with Mailkit’s reputation-protected infrastructure meant the bank’s campaign was set to be delivered every time as intended and without fail.


In the meantime the Very Good marketing team were busy preparing to make the best use of their own data by implementing the smart templating that Mailkit provide. They had a lot of upcoming campaigns to prepare for and decided that they would utilise the Microsite feature for their first campaign. They wanted to encourage those account holders aged 18 who had just had their exam results back and were readying themselves for their first year of university-level education. The bank wanted them to remain with them and open their student accounts. Thanks to Mailkit’s straightforward setup, the microsite was ready to go and hosted by Mailkit in under 30 minutes, and there was no need to consult the IT department as the setup was so easy. The students were directed to the microsite from within the email campaign, and they were met with a greeting thanking them by their name for their precisely displayed X-years of banking with the bank as a teenager. A gift offer was displayed (again personalized and based on their sex) enticing them to remain with The Very Good Bank. The campaign was a huge success and the bank had it’s best year of conversion and retention of those students.

This is just one example of how the banking sector has found success with Mailkit. The names were changed to respect the privacy of the internal workings of The Very Good Bank. With Mailkit you can really uncork your marketing genie and let your creativity flow. You could be the one to turn your bank into Best Bank Ever Inc.!

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