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We are fortunate to count some of the most talented advertising and marketing agencies in the World amongst our clientele. Agencies from all four corners of the Globe put their trust in Mailkit on a daily basis, to deliver the results that high-end clients of the best expect. We work hard to maintain that trust and have focused on building long term relationships with the agencies we work with, ensuring that we are always a partner that they can rely on.

For Agencies

The Mailkit for Agencies case study


The past few years have seen numerous award winning campaigns sent over the Mailkit infrastructure by agencies who work with us, and maximise the potential of a system that allows true flexibility in creativity. We know and understand what it is to deliver, in mail, in results and in a platform that empowers the creative mind.

The Supreme Agency were looking for an email solution that not only offered great deliverability and features for them and their clients but that also allowed them to white label their brand onto the interface, essentially keeping their client experience within the Supreme brand and website.

Each client needed to have access to their own reports and campaigns while the Supreme team needed to be able to view the campaigns and reports in their own master control panel, along with the spend of each client and breakdown of their data.

Having looked for a company that ticked all their boxes they were introduced to Mailkit. After a discussion regarding their needs and expectations they signed for a free trial with Mailkit in order to evaluate the white labelled agency solution that was proposed to them. After a week of evaluation the Supreme Agency were more than happy to sign, Mailkit then provided their staff with the system training and orientation that they had requested.

As part of the full branding package Mailkit customised the CSS and graphics on the platform to match the agencies branding. To complete the white labelling the agency created a subdomain that was mapped to their page on Mailkit. The assigned domain,, was verified and they set about onboarding their existing clients.


The flexibility of the Mailkit platform in handling data meant that the agency team were afforded a lot more freedom and potential to really unleash their creativity. They began reevaluating existing campaigns for their clients looking for ways in which they could use Mailkit’s smart templating.

Thanks to the support they received the agency quickly got to grips with Mailkit and their team were able to offer huge improvements in results to their clients. By using the extensive, in-depth reports they had at their fingertips they were easily able to prove their value to their clients every step of the way.

For further information on the capabilities of Mailkit we really recommend you give our features section a thorough read. When you are ready you can get in contact with our team here, we’ll take you through how we can work together to really unleash your creative potential.

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