Why not to send your emailing from Outlook?

4 December, 2009 Email MarketingTips & TricksEmail Campaigns

Outlook, as well as other desktop email clients, is primarily intended for one-to-one personal communication. It is definitely well suited for sending personal offers to concrete business partner, however it is less advisable for multi-recipient delivery and absolutely inadequate for mass emailing.

What are the requirements for emailing system

Firstly, we need to know whether our email has been delivered to the recipient we wanted to. To get this information is not easy even for emaling systems, which are there to do it. If the email comes back as a not delivered one, you should know due to the information added to the email contact.

If you use a professional email marketing tool, you get a variety of useful complex information of the delivery. You will know how many emails have been sent, how many of them were received or sent back. Emailing systems offer you also other information:

Využíváte-li profesionální e-mailingový nástroj, získáte řadu užitečných souhrnných informací o právě rozeslané nabídce. Budete vědět nejen, na kolik e-mailů jste nabídku rozeslali, ale i kolik jich bylo přijato, respektive vráceno. E-mailingové systémy evidují i další informace:

  • how many receipents opened your email,
  • how many people clicked on your web through the email,
  • how many people are interested in your next trade offers,
  • it could be worth knowing who concretely and which link they clicked on your website.

And, certainly you will not want your 3.000 emails´ delivery being sent for 6 hours or be blocked as a spam.

Realize this all with the help of Outlook would be more than difficult. Professional emailing systems can do even better:

  • dividing of database contacts,
  • archiving of emails,
  • archiving of statistics,
  • fast email making from templates,
  • content personalization,
  • salution personalization,
  • automatical contact import from the web, CRM or other database.

System selection

If you are considering which system to choose ,you are offered the following:

  • Open source system installed on your own server - this kind of system is for free, but generally does not have technical backup. This solution is appropriate for small deliveries, usually not for the commercial success of the delivery - non-profit organizations, cultural action realizations etc.
  • Own system - at a rough guess, the cost of this kind of system is about 200 000 Kč, which is a very simple one. Besides the cost of technical preparation there are more needs: its administration, the integration in white-lists, monitoring black-lists, so the time of a professional who deals with it. The biggest companies and e-shops could afford this system, even they used to look for another choice.
  • SaaS solution (SaaS on Wikipedia - http://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/SaaS) - it is a guest-solution that you use via the internet. You do not deal with the operation, actualization, technical problems solution, you only use it. This kind of solution is Mailkit.eu. This system is appropriate all above for commercial subjects which do not want to care for the technical problems and they are interested only in prepared and function solutions.
  • Desktop program for emailing - is a software that you can install on your PC and send emails directly for free. These systems have advanced database operation and other conveniences, but also have similar problems as Outlook. While sending thousands of emails they cannot work properly and  cannot handle the delivery in satisfactory time. Moreover, the problem of blocking and the risk of putting your IP address on blacklists, which means that your emails will not be sent, are still possible facts.

Logically, your question is whether it is useful to pay for such a system. If you send tenths of emails your gain will be negligable. On the other hand, if your delivery contains hundreds of emails at least once a month, it is clear that you need to choose another system than Outlook is.

So consider the alternatives you are offered. Most of marketers who want the best propaganda of their products they can have choose the SaaS solution, therefore a system like Mailkit.eu.


Author: Michal Krutiš, www.h1.cz