New campaign preview options

8 December, 2008 News

It's no news that you can use the [PREVIEW] tag in your campaign to let your recipients see the email in the browser. Now the Syndicate and Agency customers can use tamplates to further extend and personalize the browser display. What is this good for?

The typical example is a product listing newsletter - you can never put everything into the newsletter and even if you could it wouldn't be usefull. What could help is templating the newsletter in a way that the browser preview will show your complete website layout while the email remains the same. Recipient that wouldn't respond to the products in the newsletter might find an interresting banner on the web or just use the option to browse thru your product categories on your e-shop.

The whole thing is very simple - setup a new file in your template. eg. preview.html. Then paste the HTML code you want to be displayed in the browser preview into this file and place the tag [EMAIL_DATA] in the location where you want the content of the campaign to be displayed. Then you have to include this new tempalte file in your Main Template file by inserting the code <!-- preview_hidden [% INCLUDE preview.html -%] preview_hidden --> and the browser preview of your campaing will start using your new template.

We hope this new feature will help you increase the success rate of your campaigns.